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Our Family

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You know your a military wife....

You know your a military wife when......

You carry your cell phone EVERYWHERE. Just in case....

You can have a total meltdown just from a few hours of not getting an email.

You can cry just bu watching your child. Because he looks like him or acts like him.

You have every song that makes you think of him ready to play when you miss him and need a good cry.

You have more choosen family than blood relatives.

Your closest "sisters" arent actually sisters.

Your house has photos, plaques, and flags everywhere because you want EVERYONE to know how proud you are of your spouse and his job.

You order welcome home decorations 4 months early just to make sure they are there in time.

You have a tear in your eye and a warmth in your heart just listening to the Star Spangled Banner.

A hug from a friend can make your day.

Your life revolves around the next stand down period or R&R.

But most importantly you know your a military wife when a sailor/solider stole your heart. Your life became decorated with tears and camo, and nothing in this world could replace the way his arms feel around you after any time spent apart.

The days spent apart are the most againizing. But the joy you feel when seeing his face after countless months is an undescriable feeling that no civilian wife will ever understand completely.

We are the silent ranks and forever we will be sisters. We stand beside each other through the best of times and we support each other through the worst of times. I love my sisters of whom I could not get through these days without. Thanks you ladies more than you know!

There are many lists like this out there. I thought I would put my spin on one.

Things a Military wife MUST HAVE!

1.  A fully functional cell phone with : 3 chargers, a set a earbuds or blue tooth, call waiting, call forwarding, internet capablity, and at least 4 apps that allows facetime like conversations.

2. A best friend or several best friends ( preferably other militay wives ). So that when you cry they understand. They run inteference for you when needed. And they are there to help pick you back up when you fall apart.

3. A book of everything. Including POAs, birth certificates, etc. with 3 copies of each. Yes 3. Trust me.

4. A routine. As silly as this one sounds a routine will save your life. Also your spouse needs to know what your routine is. So they know their part. It helps you and them both.

5. A list of bills with log in information. Especially if you are not the primary bill payer of your household. This is not information you want to try and get 3 weeks into a deployment.

6. A playlist of sappy songs. Go with me on this one. Put together a collection of every song that reminds you of him, he loves, or was played at a special moment in your life together. Reason being is this: You will have melt downs. It is inevitable. So when it does happen at least you have songs that help you get through it. If you listen to things that remind you of him, you cry, you remember the times you share, and you get it out of your system. The songs are like therapy.

7. A blog. Yes it seems silly but mine saves me sometimes.Getting your feelings out helps. And sometimes keeps your spouse up to date even from half a world away.

8. A sense of self. If you dont know who you are you will get lost in the day to day. Sometimes meditating, yoga, or pilates will help with this. But just get to know who you are as a person. It keeps you grounded.

9. An ability to know when to say when.  When to turn off facebook, the news and the computer. Sometimes even your best friends who have the very best intentions catch you off guard. They know you are going through a hard time but even the best of friends have their own lives that doesn't revolve around your break downs. So when you have a break down just turn everything off. Don't get on the internet just divert your mind else where.

10. A support network. People you can call to say I have had enough, get me out of this house and my mind off everything! The people who love you at your worst and your best. This is one of the most important things to have. You are never alone unless you choose to be. Don't spend a deployment alone. Ever. Have people you can talk to and visit with. If you don't listen to anything else on this list, listen to this one. It will be your lifesaver.

These are some of the essentials for a deployment. At least they have been for me. Each person and deployment are different. No one can tell you what will work best for you. The most they can do is give you a good set of guidelines. Listen to what they tell you but do make work what is best for you.

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