Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The things that really matter.

There are things in life that are given.

You live, you die, and you pay taxes. ( so wonderfully quoted by my husband )

There are things in life that are not given.

The instruction manuel. Because why would you REALLY need one? If you knew exactly WHAT to do when would you begin to LIVE?

Then there are things in life that matter.

The way the arms of your love feel around your neck.
The way a child's smile can make you feel on your worst day.
The smell of the air after a spring rain.
The way you feel when you do something you were told you couldn't.
Family. Both blood and choosen.
Friends. The ones who are always there.
The way a kiss feels on your lips.
The way the sun feels on your skin.
The way the love of your life's fingers fit perfectly between yours.
The way the ocean can make every care and stress fade away.

Ok so there are so many things that matter.

There are also things that don't matter.

Who is wrong and who is right in an argument.
Who said I love you first. As long as you both mean it.
The stress that you hang on to everyday.
Whether or not the socks get put away as soon as they come out of the dryer.
Whether your grandmother's recipe is better or his.

A lot of thing don't matter. More things do matter. The trick is trying to finding your balance of how to live with the things that dont and the things that do. If you can find that balance you have found a way to live your life happily.

Now I am not going to say I have found the secret to success. But what I have found is the person that helps me figure out the things that are worth the our time. I may not have found the secret to life. I did find the secret to my life. That is what is important.

Take the time to cherish the small things, dont waste your time sweating the wrong things.

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