Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fairytale Land...

So once upon a time...... there was a magical land. And in this land lived children who were always perfect.Mothers who wore make-up everyday and whose clothes and hair always looked perfect. It was a wonderful place where everyone got along and music played and the sun was always shinning.....
For the record I dont live in that place. I live in reality. Where I do good to chug a cup of coffee in the morning. I throw some clothes on, forget about make-up, and well my hair has one style usually, ponytail. I have three adorable children whom I love dearly, when I dont have to go to their school at 0800 to clean at their locker because apparently that is waaaaayyyyyy to much to ask of someone who is almost 12. I love my life,usually, in it's own crazy way it works for us. It is not perfect. But I would not have it any other way! Yes my child, 17 months old, will occasionally have a screaming fit in the middle of the grocery store because he wants banana puffs and he wants them now.And yes ma'am, who decided it would be a good idea to roll your eyes in disapproval of my childs behavior, you are lucky. You are lucky this grocery store is close to my house and I like it. You are lucky I held my tongue, when what I wanted to do was say " If you have a problem with my screaming child, maybe you should step in my shoes for a day." Because maybe if you werent lucky today my dear you would have noticed my fist approach your rolling eyes. ; ) But you were because I try to set a good example for my children. I want them to know that even though other people may not have manners or compassion, we do.We understand that maybe a woman who has three children in tow on a Friday night at the grocery store and is less than enthused to be there may actually be having a bad day. Not that today was bad. I got up at o dark thirty got one child up and on the bus.Got two more ready for school.Picked up a friend and her daughter. Dropped the kids off at school. While doing that cleaned out a locker because my 12 year old has no desire to do it herself. Then went to the exchange to get some goodies for the love of my life so that maybe during this deployment I can brighten one of his days. Headed back home and had a mishap with the dairy queen. ( It does not open until 1100. In case anyone needed to know) Fed munchkin number 3 lunch. Had a super sweet friend watch munchkin so I could go to Orientation for my RN program. Which super yay I will be surrounded by a bunch of teeny boppers in. Excited is not even close to the words I have to describe this impending doom. Get home. Get to "talk" ( yeah via email ) to my sweet husband for a whole hour, ok well when the mail would go out. That actually did make my day. At least I communication from him today. Better than nothing. The only downside to me day was my unfortunate mistake of deciding to go to the store. Because why would I think that if people cant drive with any common sense or compassion, what on earth possesed me to think they would be cable of those emotions at all? I really do not want to hear ever again that this state knows what southern hospitality is. Cause hunny YOUR WRONG!!! I should give lessons or something because people here haven't got a clue!!!

So morale of the story today is....... Sometimes you should think before you react to a situation.You never know what the circumstances may be. You may be rolling your eyes at a military spouse whose husband is on deployment, and whose week has been less than great because the kids are having a hard time adjusting to it.She may have also had a meeting with her oldest childs teachers who informed her that her daughter was not even trying in school. Who misses her husband to the point of not being able to sleep much. Who feels horrible that she has to depend on people to help her when she is used to taking care of things by herself. And by rolling your eyes at her you are now forcing her to use every bit of self control she posses not to punch you in the face and proceed to let you know exactly how much she doesn't appreciate the fact just because her child is screaming ,because he is hungry and she is trying her hardest to get out of the store quickly, you felt the need to express your disapproval in one of the most disrespectful forms possible. Maybe next time take a second and just have an ounce of compassion for a mother who is doing the best she can, in the circumstances, without breaking down into tears every five minutes.

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