Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A new Me?

For the first time in my life I (me?) Yes I am the primary bread winner for our family. My husband thinks it is great. I am the one who is having trouble with it. Now it isn't were are we going next? or What is the Navy's decision of where we go....... Our next move the family follows me...... That is the exact phrase straight from my husbands mouth. The next time we move hunny we go where you want to go and where the money is for you. So why am I having trouble with this?!? I wanted to move up in my career. This is what I worked my butt off for the last two years and our family struggled through. Yet I still have little twinges of reality. I am the one the family depends on. I know now how my husband must have felt doing this for so long. It isn't that I don't want to work, I love what I do. I really don't even know what bothers me. I have the best support I could. A husband who supports me and kids who do also. So what is wrong with me?!? 

I love our life. I love working again. Things actually are going great. So this feeling must be just one of things that will go away right? I am hoping so.....

On an up note I do enjoy my job. I enjoy the fact that I get paid every day to do what I love. I love even more that people appreciate what I do even more. Being able to touch other people's lives gives me more joy than anything in a while. I enjoy even more being able to give my family things we have missed while I was in school. :) 

So maybe I am the one person in this world who can feel strange when everything is going so well.... But I do. Maybe after 32 years of being the one who just "helps" with the family income it will just take some getting used to..... Here is hoping!!! 

This is a new adventure for the whole family. And as with any other adventure in our lives we will get through it together. Because that is what we do. :)

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