Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year, New changes.

So with this new year our life has taken a dramatic turn. 

Each new year always promise changes and sometimes being a military family you never know what some of those changes may mean. This years offers the promise of some exciting changes. I am graduating from school to hopefully start working again. The husband's ship is in dry dock so no underways anytime soon thank goodness! We have a teenager this year, with the oldest officially turn 13! And we may be buying a house sooner rather than later. All this means we may eventually have a temporary separation due to having a house to assume responsibility for. So once again separated from my love but by choice which I almost think is worse sometimes. When he is deployed I can "blame", if you will, the job. But thinking we would be doing this to ourselves this time seems insane. We know we need a house. We know the housing market where we are moving to is on a up swing. So rationally buying the house we want while we can still afford it makes good sense so we aren't stuck with less house for more money. But why on earth would we commit to that knowing we would have to spend time apart again? (I over-analyze everything I know) I love the houses we are seeing for the money we know we can spend. I just have a hard time making that leap of faith sometimes without rationalizing everything completely first. (What can I say, it's the nurse in me LOL) So we house hunt from 1600 miles away........

I am very excited to be starting a new path in my career this year. Having stayed home the better part of the last two years, I miss working. So getting back into the swing of being a contributing member to the household income will be awesome! Now having a renewed passion for kids and especially OB nursing makes going back to work a very promising adventure. 
I must say having my husband home has been the biggest change so far. Granted he came home in July but duty days and stuff sometimes it feels like I miss him just as much some days. I look forward to "normal life" but this life still has a lot to offer us. Retirement isn't for at least another two years so we do have a little bit to overcome. Hopefully though only the one more move. I have enjoyed being able to meet new people even in a location I don't like. This life just always offer new challenges that test me daily. No one thing is perfect or imperfect. I have learned the approach to things is the key. Living life based on others is not for me. Living it the best way I can is. I can do what I can everyday to approach each day with strength, happiness, and positivity. I have learned anything other than that is not good for me or the family.

This is a great year! I have a beautiful wonderful family I love dearly! Nothing else matters other to keep things going in a positive direction! <3

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