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Our Family

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life in its ahhhh moments......

We often live our lives waiting for the ahhh moments when so often they come and pass us by and we miss them. Take time to cherish little things so as not to let your ahhh moments pass you by.
We have all heard LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. A lot of people have the words hanging in their house. Most have their own interpretation of the saying.
LIVE- each moment for THAT moment, not as a means to get to the next. 

LAUGH- at yourself so others may laugh with you. Hear the laughter and let it flood your soul. For laughter can cure even the most devastated of hearts. 

LOVE- you can only love others if you first love yourself. Love purely and simply. Love to the depth of your soul and to the stars. Love honestly. And most importantly love completely, holding nothing back. With holding love starts a wall that only gets bigger as time passes until one day you look up and see the Great Wall of China.

Not a lot actually matters in life when you stop and think about it. The laundry be done right now doesn't matter, nor does the house always being super clean, or the yard being perfect. 

There are things that do matter. Most people take these things for granted. The love you see reflected back in your child's or loved one's eyes. The way a hug feels when you have been separated by distance and time. The power three words can have on your mood. The emotions and feelings of life MATTER. It is simply a matter of taking time to stop and appreciate moments most take for granted.

Most people who are not military families under appreciate certain moments. I often see people take things for granted and while sometimes I want to just shake them and say " Don't you see what you are missing?" I actually usually feel sorry for them.They don't have the same appreciation of life the way we do. As the most people go about their lives we a blessed with certain opportunities. 

We get the chance to rekindle love OFTEN. We may have to go through hell to get there. But when your loved one returns you get that honeymoon phase all over again.
We get to look forward to small things making our day. A card, an email, a phone call, or a web date. Most do not truly understand the power of words on a screen or piece of paper and how they can completely fill your heart with joy.
We get to experience life in seconds. Seconds that count. Seconds that we live fully because we have to fit weeks in seconds. 
We get to celebrate special days whenever we want. Just because the calendar says Christmas is December does not mean it can't be celebrated in July. 

Too often we forget all the ways we can incorporate joy into our lives. We get hung up on the misery of deployments and constant PCSing and the day to day grind. We get settled into the world is against us and forget that the world consists of those who matter not the people who populate the Earth. The times we spend with our military loves are precious. The love we share with them can surpass time, distance, and communication black outs. We have so much to be thankful for and yet most days we focus on what we can't or didn't do. 

I am thankful for my husband. My children. My family. My friends. I am thankful this country stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am proud that I have this amazing man and many friends and family who fight for liberty. I have this life to give to serve others. And that happiness is mine to make the most of each day.If you have taken the time to read this, then please take the time to do these 3 things:
1. Thank a service member and/or their family.
2. Be thankful for one thing in your life whether it is perfect or not.
3. Take 3 seconds to stop and appreciate something small. ( The way the sun feels on your skin, or the way you feel when you see a flower. )

If you do these things it may not change your life. But it will change your mood even if for just a minute. Life is not about working so hard and moving so fast you one day think where did all the time go. It is about living for the moments as they are and not rushing through them as fast as you can to get to the next one.

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  1. Amen!! You are so right in all you said, at this point in my life I have realized that slowing down, enjoying each moment in life and cherishing all the small things is something I wish I would have started doing years ago. Thank you for posting this and I hope more people start to slow down, live each day to its fullest, cherish the moments they have and hold onto all the small things that make us smile.